levy and parthners


Levy & Partners provides full service counsel to public and privately held U.S. and foreign clients, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 corporations. Our services cover the wide range of challenges and opportunities clients encounter throughout the business life cycle, from formation to mergers and acquisitions, daily operations to protecting intellectual property, raising capital to securities law compliance, and corporate governance to international ventures and tax management. Businesses require legal counsel who not only have broad experience and skills in a wide variety of legal disciplines, but who also have financial and practical business applications experience.


What are business transactions?

As a practice area, business transactions cover a wide range of topics. From contracts to mergers and acquisitions to business formation to purchasing property, our firm must stand ready to handle a broad range of cases.

Do I always need to pursue litigation?

Certainly not always. Traditional courtroom litigation typically becomes a reality only if a dispute arises during the transaction. Anything from a boundary dispute to a quiet title action might halt a transaction in favor of getting a judge’s ruling on a specific matter.

What are mediation and arbitration?

Mediation is a process where the parties meet with a third-party neutral mediator who attempts to help either side come to a solution to their case without having to go to trial. Arbitration is where both parties agree to have a neutral arbitrator decide the outcome of their matter after hearing both sides. This avoids the costs and time associated with a trial.

Is it complicated to pursue business expansion?

Business expansion can mean different things across different organizations. From purchasing property and constructing new buildings to hiring a larger workforce to run a new product line, you might face unforeseen complications. Working with a skilled attorney throughout the process can help you avoid problems.