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Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

The attorneys in Levy & Partners have a proven track record of helping clients obtain significant recoveries in shareholder and partnership disputes.

We frequently represent clients in shareholder derivative litigation, including minority owners that have been victimized by shareholder oppression. We are experienced at navigating the complex issues involved in disputes between business owners, partners, and shareholders. We understand that no business operates flawlessly and that disputes arise, transactions go wrong and ethical issues can occur. We understand how conflict, emotion and tension can affect businesses, partnerships with family and friends, etc. Then on top of that, add the possibility of complex legal complications. Often however, the best way to prevent a shareholder dispute or partner dispute is to prevent it from happening in the first place, by establishing shareholder and partnership agreements and operating agreements that clearly explain what happens when a business issue arises.

If you believe you have a claim arising from a shareholder or partnership dispute, Levy & Partners may be able to help. We represent clients on a contingency-fee basis, which means you do not pay any legal fees unless there is a recovery in your case.


Business Partnership Litigation vs Negotiated Settlement - Which is More Cost Effective?

This question doesn’t always have the same answer but in the majority of situations it is safe to say that it is more cost effective during a business partnership dispute, especially if the dispute is serious, to choose litigation over negotiating a settlement.

What is an early warning sign that a partnership or shareholder dispute is approaching?

Your partner is denying you access to the books and records.¬†Typically, shareholder “lock-outs” are preceded by a lock-out from the books and records.

Should My Shareholder And Partnership Lawyer Hire A Forensic Accountant During My Partnership Dispute?

Most likely yes. Forensic accounting relates to an assessment and review of the books and records of your company. During the early stages of litigation and especially during the discovery process, a forensic accountant may assist your lawyer in obtaining documents and accounting information that may identify fraud and the misappropriation of funds by your partners.